Online Reputation Management

Smart Insights for Small Businesses on Online Reputation Management


As a small business, there is usually a lot of things to worry about. From marketing yourself to jumping from one project to the next, you probably feel overwhelmed and even lack time to stop and think of your online reputation. However, monitoring what people are saying about you and your small business is essential to achieving growth. Before engaging yourself in any reputation management strategies, here are some insights that you should understand.


Why do you need to monitor or track your online reputation? For small businesses or those that are just starting out, it's hard to imagine people talking about your brand. But as you grow, people will start talking about your products or services. You need to know and be in control of what they find. You should monitor your reputation because of what it says to potential customers, business partners, prospective employees and marketers. Over 80% of consumers read reviews before engaging with any business online. Maintaining a positive image will go a log way into making you a trusted brand.


Where should you focus on? There are specific areas where most businesses fall short when it comes to reputation management. Search monitoring is one of the major areas to look at. Make use of tools that notify you anytime your business or anything related to your business is mentioned in search engines. Also, focus on your social media perception. Be sure to check mentions and shares on social media sites, monitor all comments on your website and blog and other third-party sites and also monitor all major review sites to see what consumers are saying about your business, services and products. Click here for Realtor Marketing ideas!


How should you handle negative feedback and situations? If you find negative reviews, comments or perceptions about your business online, you need to take some concrete steps to repair your reputation. First, have a plan on how you will deal with the negativity. You can start by clarifying misleading information, owning up to your mistakes, catering to consumer complaints, answering questions, responding to queries quickly, resolving situations in the right way and being more actively engaged with your online community. The better you relate to consumers, the better your reputation will be.  Watch to understand more about reputation management.


Should you hire DoriONeillreputation management service? While not every business may need the services of a reputation manager, it's highly recommended that you work with these experts to help monitor and manage your reputation. It's true that a brand's reputation is what determines its success. A little too late on implementing the right brand management strategies can lead to stalled growth and huge losses for your business. Do your research and find credible and highly experienced reputation managers with an impressive track record of managing both big and small brands.